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Circular Economy Club

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CEC Cities Week PNW: Creating an Equitable Economy

As we reimagine a new type of global economy, how do we design and build in a way that's equitable and inclusive?

Doughnut Economics

Explore doughnut economics and the relationship with the circular economy. Hear how Portland, OR is already testing principles of doughnut economics!

Discussing Equity & Circularity

Hear from an expert in the relationship between equity and circularity, and explore how you can get started.

Innovation Case Study: Seattle

Seattle has found a solution for amplifying collaboration to move towards circular systemic change. Come see how you can also bring a decentralized, connected approach to creating circular opportunities, communication and progress to your community

Keynote Speaker

Equity in Circularity

Nadi Fantastic is a heart-centered equity and inclusion leader. Join us as she leads us through a discussion on what equity means for circularity!

Tickets available on Eventbrite.

Vancouver, BC

Victoria, BC

Seattle, WA

Bend, OR

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The Circular Economy Club – CEC is the non-profit international network of circular economy professionals and organizations. Anyone can join for free via the CEC website, and you are welcome to join the CEC global Facebook and LinkedIn groups.